Helping You Harness the Sun to Grow Year-Round

You want to grow your own food locally, all year, but your climate doesn’t support it. Conventional greenhouses can help, but only by heating with fossil fuels or grid electricity – expensive and unsustainable. After years of hearing this from local growers in our mountain home of Boone, NC, we started SunCatcher Passive Solar Greenhouses to help growers like you find a solution that meets all these needs, wherever you are.

With nearly four decades of passive solar experience, our SunCatchers provide you with:

  • year round growing in a wide variety of climates,
  • thousands of dollars in savings on active heating costs,
  • no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels.

SunCatcher PSG is now pleased to offer you engineer-quality blueprints and instructions for our Classic model. We also offer consulting services for customization, construction and operation of your very own SunCatcher greenhouses.