Projects & Initiatives

Whether we’re modifying older models with the latest technology or exploring fresh and innovative designs from the ground up, SunCatcher is constantly striving to make functional, cutting-edge passive solar greenhouse designs to suit your growing needs. Simply put, we’re in the midst of developing, building and testing as many new prototypes as time and money will allow!

In addition to ongoing experiments with Alaskan cold frame and Arctic greenhouses, a sampling of our current projects include SunCatcher enhancements ranging from vent automation to rain catchment systems. We’re also developing educational materials including a passive solar greenhouse textbook and online courses.

We here at SunCatcher are always on the lookout for collaborators to help us bring these and other year-round food producing designs to a needy world as soon as possible.

SunCatcher projects in various phases of development include:

New designs and plans for

  • SunCatcher Bigfoot – an inexpensive moderate climate structure
  • Alaskan cold-frame
  • 4′ x 4′ miniature SunCatcher ideal for small grow spaces
  • Arctic SunCatcher

General SunCatcher systems enhancements

  • Rain catchment system
  • Water vapor reclamation system for arid environments
  • Thermal storage (PCM) blocks

SunCatcher Art

  • Interior sundial and “suncalendar” with mural on north wall
  • Decorative (photosynthetic) red and blue water tubes as thermal mass
  • 10’ tall Galileo thermometer

If you are interested in any of these projects, please feel free to contact us to discuss!