Ventilation allows temperature control while bringing in fresh air with renewed CO2 levels for the plants. The lower air intake vents are opened in conjunction with the upper exhaust vents to create a natural convective air flow. This releases excess heat and humidity out of the upper exhaust vents while drawing in fresh drier, CO2 rich air through the lower vents when needed during active photosynthetic periods. The rate of air exchanges is controlled by varying the amount the upper and lower vents are opened.



The SunCatcher climate control uses a natural, convective air flow created by using awning windows as both air intake vents low in the front south-facing knee wall and as exhaust vents above the doors of the SunCatcher. This venting system uses the “chimney effect”.

During late spring, summer, and early fall when average day and night time temperatures increase, additional natural convective ventilation can be achieved by leaving the north wall vents open.

North wall vents are opened in late spring, summer, and early fall as needed.

View of West and North walls with North wall vents open.