SunCatcher Models

SunCatcher: Greenhouses for a Green Future

Our goal is to bring you the best self-contained, off-the-grid passive solar greenhouse that would only require seeds, soil, sun and water to grow a wide variety of plants. Over the past fifteen years we have continued to iterate and improve our design so that customers like you can grow plants the way they want, in whatever climate they want. We do this by ignoring conventional (wrong) greenhouse wisdom, and focusing on the basic needs of plants: heat, sunlight, humidity, CO2 and protection from extreme weather.

SunCatcher Features

  • Year-round growing season, even in cold climates, high winds and snow
  • No expensive, un-green heaters, fans or fuel
  • Permanent structure is an investment that lasts for generations
  • Less regular management than conventional greenhouse, especially with (optional) full automation:
    • Remote Temperature Control
    • Web Monitoring and Control
Carolina Mountain
A 16′ x 32′ SunCatcher constructed on site with structural insulating panels (SIPs) – The Carolina Mountain SunCatcher combines science, research, knowledge and technology data gathered from our previous models and incorporates it into an automated passive solar greenhouse that outlasts and outperforms all other greenhouses.
A 12′ x 24′ SunCatcher presently being completed in Greensboro, NC – The Piedmont is constructed on site from blueprints that will be available soon.
Newton Conover
A large SunCatcher built by students at Newton-Conover High School in central North Carolina and used to teach many subjects – The Newton Conover SunCatcher is a 18’x46′ institutional/ commercial model that utilizes a unique underground venting system.

Research Models

Our original proof-of-concept SunCatcher in Boone, NC – The Parkway SunCatcher was built around 2000 and has grown tomatoes throughout the winter with ZERO input of supplemental energy. This level of thermal performance remains our goal and focus for all of our SunCatcher designs. This unit also served as the prototype for our Laurel Ridge SunCatcher.
for model page 2Laurel Ridge
Located at Laurel Ridge Moravian Camp & Conference Center off the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina –  the Laurel Ridge SunCatcher was built using the Parkway model’s thermal performance with a much improved natural, convective ventilation system.